Welcome to the Top Tier Awards

Recognising and rewarding the fabulous wedding venues
and suppliers in the North of Scotland!

Recognising and rewarding the fabulous wedding venues and suppliers in the North of Scotland!

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How it Works

Following their wedding votes can be placed by either the bride or groom, one voter per wedding who were married in the North of Scotland. For the purposes of these awards the North of Scotland will be from Dundee in the East to Fort William in the west, including these two locations and all points North. Although venues must be within that area it is acceptable that the suppliers used may be from out with the region. Voting will open on the 1st March, 2018.

Brides or grooms have a maximum of THREE votes they can cast from the suppliers they used on their big day who they found to be easy to work with, professional and provided top quality service. Brides can allocate one vote per supplier for their Gold, Silver & Bronze awards. The gold vote being their favourite supplier, silver second choice and bronze third. If a bride votes for all three she will receive three free entries into the draw. If one vote is placed she will receive one entry etc.

Following the closing date all votes will be checked to ensure they are authentic. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any venue or supplier from the contest if it is found that any votes were not legitimate.

The Top Tier Awards will be judged and awarded purely on votes cast. Once all votes are checked and verified the scores can be improved by the number of Gold, Silver or Bronze votes which will be added to determine the final score. There will be no judging panel to agree a winner unless there is a tie between two or more nominees.

When nominations are announced the sale of tables/places will be open to nominees only for seven days. Following this places will be open to other wedding industry professionals and the public. All nominees will receive a certificate at the event in recognition of their achievement and trophies will be awarded to the lucky winners.

Voting is now CLOSED


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